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The Hotel Royal Palace is located in the town centre, very close to Montecatini Terme’s spas. To go to the Redi Spa, all you have to do is cross the road.

Let’s take a look at the main spas in Montecatini Terme:

Redi Spa

Right opposite the Royal Palace is the brand new Redi spa. Experience wellbeing all year round in its thermal pools and feel the benefit of mud baths, hydro-massage and ozone baths. And 150 machines await you in the new inhalation section, in a new generation area that is indeed the pride of Montecatini Terme.

La Salute Spa

There’s the Redi Spa, but there’s more. There are many spas in Montecatini – all high quality. Also very close to us is “La Salute”, where you can enjoy mineral water therapy in pleasant surroundings, often enlivened by afternoon or evening events.  Also, very close to this spa is Termeland, a delightful children’s play park, as well as the “Mercatino della Salute”, a market whose colourful stalls are one of the liveliest parts of the town.

Excelsior Spa

Of the Montecatini spas, the Excelsior is the most closely linked to the question of beauty and body care. In its wellbeing centre, an almost infinite range of services awaits you, from facials to Turkish baths, from Thai to Ayurvedic massages. It is perfectly situated – central, but at the entrance to the town park. So from its windows you can see both the splendid Viale Verdi and the meadows where locals still find time to enjoy a picnic, practically in the centre of town!

Tettuccio Spa

If La Salute and Excelsior are the body and heart of Montecatini’s spas and town, then Tettuccio is without doubt its soul. The impressive and elegant structure, together with its rich decoration, make it an authentic monument, recognised by all as the true symbol of the town. Everyone who comes to Montecatini to organise a TV show or sporting or business function absolutely wants to stage their event in this breathtaking location.

If you are staying in Montecatini Terme and looking for a hotel close to the spas, contact the Royal Palace for information on current offers.

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