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We do not have adequate skills to be able to pronounce for or against the construction of the Messina Strait bridge. But we can say with all confidence what is the bridge we would like: a beautiful bridge from Mid-August to New Year! This means that investments will boost tourism, not really the Immacolata weekend. Unfortunately, today  it remains just a dream and we must be satisfied to make our offer only for stays of 3 nights from 7 to

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Offer: Christmas in Montecatini Terme

When he comes to Italy, Santa Claus rest in Montecatini Terme. If you want to discover why the Royal Palace Hotel has the perfect offer, from 23 to 26 of December the most wonderful Christmas for your kids is here with us! You don’t believe that? Here’s our plan: 23 DECEMBER Welcome Appetizer for all customers. 24 DECEMBER Great Christmas  Eve’s Dinner with Santa’s coming. 25 DECEMBER Christmas Lunch with Surprize, and after dinner…traditional bingo for young and old. 26 DECEMBER

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Easy to reach

The Royal Palace is only 5 minutes from all key services.


The Royal Palace is right opposite the Redi Thermal Pool, but also just a short walk from the La Salute and Excelsior spas.


Frequent travellers like the Royal Palace for its various parking possibilities and free Wi-Fi throughout the building. These are by no means the only services, but if you’re a business traveller, they are probably the most essential to you.

Price / quality ratio

The Royal Palace always ensures you have the best rate. If there’s a current offer you don’t know about, our reception will tell you about it. If a special offer is activated for a period you have already booked for, you will automatically be given the best rate.

Local connections

Whether we are talking of crafts or food, the Royal Palace partners companies and local producers of proven quality. This is why our staff recommend (or otherwise) only places and services from personal experience.


The Royal Palace is part of the Birindelli Group, a hotel organisation whose three hotels can offer a broad range of solutions to those wishing to visit Tuscany. The Birindelli Group is the ideal partner for those interested in Montecatini Terme, be they tourists, companies or tour operators.

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