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The Royal Palace is online.As well as the traditional sections describing the hotel services and characteristics, there are some new items.In the SPAS section, we have tried to paint an effective picture not only of the spas, but also of all that gravitates around them, making ours a unique town in a very special area.And on the subject of this area, we have enlarged the OTHER TUSCANY section.Here we have chosen to discuss not the entire region, which is well documented, but just the part we know best, where we live.

Perhaps we have been overcome by enthusiasm in recommending places and itineraries. And we could not avoid mentioning history. But, in the footsteps of Pinocchio and Leonardo, this is what happens!

It also happened that it was difficult to choose from all the photos.So we have links from the site to social networks, choosing FLICKR and PANORAMIO.FLICKR will contain photos by ourselves and our clients of the hotel and its surroundings, while in PANORAMIO we shall endeavour to entice you with views and landscapes hard to find elsewhere. Our FACEBOOK page will keep you informed of local events, while YOUTUBE will publish hotel videos.

If all the words and images in these parts of the website manage to convince you that Tuscany should be your next destination, then the following sections are also justified. In the CORPORATE section are the other hotels in our Group (if the Royal Palace is not sufficient), while under OFFERS you will find all you need to purchase your well-earned stay in Tuscany.

Lastly, our BLOG, whose function and nature we have still to establish.Don’t be hard on us! As we are fortunate enough to live in a holiday destination, you will understand that there are wine cellars and restaurants we have to visit (to recommend to our customers, not just for fun, of course). So there’s not much time left for editorial decisions!

The Hotel Royal Palace staff

About Davide Berti

Davide Berti è un professionista nel settore dell'attività alberghiera e dell'ospitalità. E' il direttore dell'Hotel Royal Palace di Montecatini Terme.

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