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Montecatini Terme: Heaven all around you

Montecatini Terme is a stunning little city situated in one of the less knowed part of Tuscany: the Valdinievole. Its harmoniuos parks, the streets full of life and the prestigious spas ,which made it famous in all Europe, increase the value of the place reflecting the beauties of the surrounding nature, just like a stretch of water would.

That’s the reason of why Montecatini Terme has been the destination of so many international famous people, from Giuseppe Verdi to Christian Dior, and its cosmopolitan vocation made the local administration decorate the sidewalks of Viale Verdi ( the most important street) with bronze plaques to remember the residence in town of great artists, famous people of noble families and other important visitors from all over the world.

The healing waters are, without any doubt, the strenght of the town. Their good capacities were well known even in ancient times, and they have been the reason for the construction of so many spas in all the town. The most important and beauty of them, the “Tettuccio” is not only important for its healing and medical services, but also because it is the most important expression of Liberty architecture in Tuscany.

Putting aside arts for a moment, there is another important thing we can iscuss about when we talk about Montecatini terme: the typical tuscan kitchen. You can taste the typical dishes of the surrounding areas, of the Valdinievole and Garfagnana, but most of all, the special and tasty waffels that are made in the town as a typical speciality and which can be eated along with any type of dessert.

In the end we can consider Montecatini Terme very suitable for all different ages, and it is the perfect location to relax, heal and have fun safely.

About Davide Berti

Davide Berti è un professionista nel settore dell'attività alberghiera e dell'ospitalità. E' il direttore dell'Hotel Royal Palace di Montecatini Terme.

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