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In every corner of the world it is known that in Italy the first topic of conversation is the food.
And on this issue, Tuscany has a lot of topics, which will be hard for you to resist.

For this reason, the Royal Palace Hotel in Montecatini Terme from 12 to 19 August organizes the Week of the Fork for its most loyal customers.
It is a week of culinary genre, where the food will be featured every day in many aspects. Will be organized dinners, lunches, snacks, cocktails, tastings of typical products, late night fare, and every other kind of opportunity to enjoy all the delicacies that our earth gives us.

Those who they were near Montecatini Terme and want to spend a short holiday with us, do not have to miss this opportunity absolutely. It will be an occasion not only to visit the wonders of Tuscany, but also to savor its dishes, its meat and its robust first courses.

Follow us shortly on our website www.hotelroyalpalace.it for more info.

About Davide Berti

Davide Berti è un professionista nel settore dell'attività alberghiera e dell'ospitalità. E' il direttore dell'Hotel Royal Palace di Montecatini Terme.

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